About the Union


The Russian Union of Travel Industry (RST) was founded in 1993.

This is the largest industry association, whose members include tour operators, travel agencies, hotels, health resorts, transport, insurance, consulting, and IT companies, educational institutions, media, public and other organizations in tourism.

The main objectives of RST are establishing a country’s civilized tourist market and improving the competitiveness of the national tourist product and services in tourism.

With due regard for associate members, organizations within associations and unions, as well as a network of travel agencies, RST represents the interests of more than 3,000 travel industry enterprises in Russia and the near and far abroad countries.

The structure of RST includes 38 regional offices, 40 committees and commissions, 21 international representatives in 28 countries. Furthermore, RST comprises 19 industry-specific associations.


Management team


Andrey Ignatiev

President of RST, Moscow

Russian entrepreneur, public figure, former CEO of the Russian Tourism Company under the Ministry of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism of the Russian Federation, former Vice-President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia, Founder of the Dadobro.com international volunteer movement, Doctor of Economics.

Sergey Shpilko

Honorary President of RST, Moscow

Member of the Presidium of the All-Russian Organization of Small and Medium Business “Opora Rossii”, Board Member and Chairman of the Tourism and Hospitality Industry Commission of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RUIE), Member of the Coordination Council for Development of Domestic and Inbound Tourism in the Russian Federation under the Government of the Russian Federation.

Yuri Barzykin

Vice President of RST, Moscow

Chairman of the Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Committee on Entrepreneurship in Tourism

Olga Sanaeva

Vice President of RST, Head of the RST Regional Council, Head of the RST Committee for Transport in Tourism, Moscow

Founder of the Ankor travel agency since 1996

Aleksandr Osaulenko

Vice President of RST, Moscow

Director of the TourAssist Association

Leonid Flit

Vice President of RST, Chairman of the Board of the RST North-West Regional Office, St. Petersburg

Director General of the Nika company





Address: 2/62/35 Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Street, bldg. 1, 3rd floor, 121069 Moscow

E-mail: rst@rostourunion.ru

Working hours: Monday to Friday: 09:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Phone: +7 (495) 961-13-70

For Media: press@rostourunion.ru

Joining RST: welcome@rostourunion.ru

International cooperation: int@rostourunion.ru

Committees and commissions: expert@rostourunion.ru

Regional offices and representatives: regions@rostourunion.ru


10 reasons to join RST


  1. Business Protection

RST consistently collects, analyzes, and makes proposals to the executive authorities of the Russian Federation on measures for supporting the tourism industry. RST members take part in the elaboration of proposals for reducing the financial and administrative burden on the country’s tourism sector. RST representatives are members of:

Working Group on Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business of the Russian State Duma Commission on Measures for Supporting SMEs Coordination Council on Tourism Development in the Russian Federation Supervisory Board of the TourAssist Association Commission of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on Travel Industry Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Entrepreneurship in Tourism Expert Council under the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Expert Council under the State Duma Committee on Physical Education, Sports, Tourism and Youth Affairs, etc.

This allows for effective support of RST initiatives and defending the interests of its members.

  1. Company Promotion

When welcoming a company into its ranks, RST gets automatically involved in its promotion in the tourism market and encourages its participation in various projects. RST’s reputation as the oldest, largest, and most influential association in tourism helps its members find reliable partners among industry leaders. The RST Press Office interviews each new member of the Union. In the interview, you have the opportunity to map the targets and priorities of your company, talk about current projects and competitive advantages. The daily electronic newspaper RATA-news https://ratanews.ru/ publishes information about the company free of charge under the heading “Introducing RST members”.

  1. Tourist Product Promotion

In joining RST, you become participants in marketing programs to promote the tourism product in the Russian and international markets, and educational and information projects in tourism. Companies that have joined RST are given the right to priority placement of their materials on the RST website https://www.rostourunion.ru/ and its social media accounts. From the moment of joining, each RST member becomes a recipient of a newsletter, which reflects the most relevant and valuable information on main events of the tourism sector, as well as upcoming industry activities. Using emailing, your company also has the opportunity to periodically inform RST members directly about your events, projects, or new tourism product.

  1. High Status

The RST logo is a quality mark confirming the reliability of your company and its high status in the tourism market. RST members have the right to use it:

  • - on the company’s website;
  • - in company’s advertising materials (printed, electronic and other types of media);
  • - in the official documentation;
  • - in business correspondence.
  1. Industry experts

RST has 40 active committees and commissions in key areas of tourism and hospitality, and they are chaired by leading industry experts. By joining the Union, a company receives information about its activities in the new conditions directly from the leaders of the travel industry in their segments. Each RST member can join any committee or commission according to the profile of its enterprise.

  1. Regions of Russia

RST has an extensive network of representative offices in Russian regions and with each of them you can establish mutually beneficial cooperation for the formation of tours and hospitality organization. It is planned to further expand the regional network and open new regional offices and representatives with the participation of local organizations-members of the Union.

  1. Foreign Representative Offices of RST

In April 2020, a network of RST representatives in key countries for the Russian market was establıshed and started to work. Their objective is to provide information support, represent the interests of RST members abroad, and contribute to the development of mutual tourism between the respective countries.

  1. Legal Assistance

RST members receive prompt legal assistance from a team of experienced lawyers and attorneys majoring in tourism and involved in working with members of the Union. There is also a section on the RST website where RST members receive answers from lawyers to their questions free of charge.

  1. Career within RST

The head of an organization being a member of the Union can become a member or head of the RST regional office, RST committee or commission according to the profile of its enterprise. The head can be elected as a member or head of the RST Expert or Regional Council, vice-president or president of the Union.

  1. System of Privileges

RST members receive discounts on participation in many business activities, like conferences, seminars, or familiarization tours, which are organized with the support of the Union. RST is an organizer, co-organizer, or partner of many federal and regional events related to the tourism industry: Intourmarket, MITT, Balttour, Intourfest, INWETEX – CIS Travel Market, etc. RST members have the opportunity to use a system of discounts, preferences, and other privileges for participation in these exhibitions and posting their materials. RST members can benefit from discounts, bonuses, and other special offers when working with tour operators, hotels, media, transport, and other companies belonging to RST.

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